Being Online

Secondly, improve what you have. Just having an online presence is no longer enough. It has to be visible, consistently reliable, user friendly and interactive. If you are starting afresh, you can set your goals and expectations and work towards it. But most probably you have some kind of online presence. It is now time to revamp it and improve it. Better site navigation, safe payment gateways, proper security certifications and stability are essential. Social media needs to be up to date, interactive and relevant.

An effective online presence draws the consumer in and captures leads. This is one of the most important jobs that an online presence has to do. This ties in with having knowledge of your market and using the right techniques to draw in the right crowd – the crowd that has the potential of eventually becoming your customers/clients. This includes having compelling content and effective calls-to-action that lead people to the next step in the sales process.

The first step of a new online customer is of course to search for what they are looking for. SEO is now more dynamic than ever. Search trends are shifting rapidly and trend analysis and SEO similarly have to be rapid. There is a myriad of tools and suits to analyse every online data, every online interaction and create an accurate picture. But the analysis has to be real time and adaptation quick for it to be effective.

Just as SEO, Ad targeting has changed a lot. The time where people consume ads, the days of the week people shop more, the online traffic flow, every factor is fluctuating now. PPC ads are performing better and smart bids are key to get the right visibility. Its better if your ad is only viewed by 10 prospective customers than if the ad was viewed by 100 non interested people. To get the right fit, you need intelligent trend analysis, dynamic data review and quick response.