Keep Calm and Carry On

The world is not the same anymore. With no two group of experts agreeing on the timeline for the world to overcome this pandemic, a date for return to pre-Covid19 normalcy is currently anybody’s guess. Indeed, the world may never completely return to that level of normalcy. The best strategy for businesses and people is to adapt to this new world order and get used to the new normal.

While businesses around the globe are caught in the blinding light of this new era, the most important point to keep in mind is, DON’T PANIC.

The economy isn’t stopping. Homeowners still need home service providers. People still need goods and services. Money is still changing hands and consumers are still relying on Google to find people to do business with. The method and manner of consumption may change, but consumption will continue to happen2.

Take caution when quickly reacting to a sudden shift in the economy or market.Historically, businesses that have chosen a more progressive strategy of refocusing spending during a recession have outperformed businesses that made sweeping cuts, according to studies that analysed recent recessions1. The key here is to realign your digital marketing strategy to better fit in with the new reality.

During uncertainties, people tend to look for stability and familiarity. Make sure your digital content and presence communicate that everything is fine. Here are some ways for your business to do that.

  1. Carefully evaluate your messaging – from the tone, visual imagery, copy, keywords, and media placements. Make sure that your content and media remain positive and reassuring.
  2. Give regular updates to your customer base – Even if it may look insignificant, communicate to your customers about changes and progresses.
  3. Turn negative news to a positive message – If you have to shut down a service or discontinue a product, make sure that you communicate the same in the most positive tone.
  4. Tell them how prepared you are and how you plan to overcome obstacles step by step.
  5. Reiterate the importance of the customers to your company.
  6. Your brand messages should remind them that this is temporary and things will get better.

While falling revenue is inevitable in these tough times, ensure that you spend wisely. Hire a professional digital branding and content creation agency to maximize results, while reducing over heads. A good digital marketing agency can help you come up with the correct content, tone and design. It can also help you with choosing the media and time for communicating. Depending on your business size and type, chose a customized package that will fit in with your need as well as budget.

How you communicate your brand now will define your brands value in the post Covid-19 Era.Keep in mind that it is not just what you say; it is also how you say it, when you say it and where you say it.


1 – McKinsey 2002, Harvard Business Review 2010

2 – Thrive Agency, 2020